Reflection of my artwork

Michaela Murin as an contemporary artist uses abstract painting to take observers back to themselves, to connection with nature, and to find their own truth and answers.

We live in a culture with strong influence of media and advertisement, where society is easily manipulated by various fears, lack, or feelings that we are not enough, we do not have enough, we don’t do enough… This leads to still bigger hunger and consumption of society. People think they need to do more, work harder, buy more, make a better impression… and they move away from their very nature. They blindly accept the truths served, and they do not seek their own.

Michaela Murin reacts to this phenomenon by creating empowering artworks, pointing that we are enough, we are ok, we have everything we need, we are ready to make any action or decision independently of mainstream and cultural truths about what is “normal”. She creates her artwork in effort to wake up and strengthen own intuition and confidence of each individual.

Detail of Reactions


We could say there is visible inspiration of Nietze’s critique of truth in her artwork – the thesis that there is not only one truth, nobody owns it, and that anything can be the truth. She understands the power of words, knowledge and images and how these influence human’s perceiving and thinking of reality. In fact culture, which we live in, shapes us and tells us what is normal, how one should think, feel or behave. Language, words, images carry ideological messages, which shape people’s ideas, values, and attitudes. If we see enough pictures of a certain type, our brain accept it as normal. In other words – what you see today, you will become tomorrow.

Even Freud examined influence of language and ideology on the formation of the biological being’s identity and how our psyche is confronted with cultural forces.

Therefore Murin’s effort is to challenge conformity and passivity of society through her artwork. To wake up us from everyday blind consumption and provoke questions leading to finding our own answers and our own truths, beliefs, values and the essence of ourselves. Her goal is to help to break the unspoken universal truths, convictions and taboos.

Murin’s artworks are not meant to be just watched or to serve some new easy truth. They are supposed to inspire and stimulate emotions and questions, deeper awareness and consciousness.

Atmospheric view, painting by Misha Art

“Atmospheric view”


I love to create intuitive energy paintings, helping to spread the light and positive energy everywhere the pictures are located. You can use them to harmonize your space and yourself. Images and colors are very beneficial to the body and soul. They can help to relax you, heal, refill your energy, courage and joy.

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