Crocodile wave

Well… To be honest, I painted water 😀 It was such a great feeling and I enjoyed that so much... Anyway, everyone, who saw this painting in real, saw a crocodile 🙂

Ok, when a crocodile wants to be here, we can look on its message as a spiritual guide and animal.

What the crocodile symbolizes?

Strength, toughness, rebirth, art to hide, survival, patience and right timing, kindness. Ancient times and wisdom. Balance of the lower and upper world and energies.

The crocodile knows when is time to enjoy sun and gather light and energy, and also when to go into the depths. And it is real master of swimming in dark and depth.

What we can take from it?

The crocodile teach us to be steady, tough, patient for the right time, even in our hardest times. Crocodile’s energy helps to survive until the sun is up again and until we succeed.

The crocodile shows also:

How to enjoy life and everything what brings, how to feel OK with its ups and downs.

How to appreciate and build your strength and personal power in your life.

The crocodile encourages self-discipline together with kindness, sensitivity and strength.

Painting size 40 x 50 cm (approximately 16" x 20")
Acrylic painting on canvas
Ready to hang
Currently available
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