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Misha Art

I love to create intuitive energy paintings, helping to spread the light and positive energy everywhere the pictures are located. You can use them to harmonize your space and yourself. Images and colors are very beneficial to the body and soul. They can help to relax you, heal, refill your energy, courage and joy.

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7 Postmodern theorists who influenced the “complex map of late 20th century thought and practise”

In this post I would like to introduce and summarize main ideas of 7 theorists who have influenced not only the art of 20th century referred to as postmodernism. I chose the philosophers, linguists, psychoanalysts below, because their thoughts and work are close or somehow relate to my work and my perception, or I just...

Reflection of my artwork

Michaela Murin as an contemporary artist uses abstract painting to take observers back to themselves, to connection with nature, and to find their own truth and answers. We live in a culture with strong influence of media and advertisement, where society is easily manipulated by various fears, lack, or feelings that we are not enough,...

Atmospheric view – Make your choices from a place of peace and love

Decide and make all your choices from a view of from above, from a place of peace, love and harmony… This painting is meant to remind to make all our decisions and choices in a state of feeling peace, love, safety and harmony. Just take a deep breath, realize your heart, find your peace within…...