Atmospheric view – Make your choices from a place of peace and love

Decide and make all your choices from a view of from above, from a place of peace, love and harmony…

This painting is meant to remind to make all our decisions and choices in a state of feeling peace, love, safety and harmony. Just take a deep breath, realize your heart, find your peace within… and you will make the best decision, choose the best action.

I know, some things can touch us and push us from feeling good to fear, anger, unclear… But all the actions you take, all decision you make, may have big impact to your live. Don’t let any poisonous, toxic thoughts and feeling drive you. It’s risky and often leads to problems. Instead, calm down, find yourself, watch it all just like from Atmosphere… feel the peace and love, feel that you are OK whatever is happening.

Then you will find emotional and intellectual balance you need and will see much bigger view.

This is “Atmospheric View”.

Are you interested in this artwork?
Painting is currently available for sale.
If you want to be its owner or have it’s print, please contact me:

I love to create intuitive energy paintings, helping to spread the light and positive energy everywhere the pictures are located. You can use them to harmonize your space and yourself. Images and colors are very beneficial to the body and soul. They can help to relax you, heal, refill your energy, courage and joy.

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