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"I create empowering paintings helping to spread the light, positive energy and awareness."

My greatest passion is abstract painting that can express and pass emotions and energy. My paintings are most influenced by nature - the sea, the sky, the Earth, the elements... Spain started my deep fascination about sea, ocean and water in my work. I hope that in my "Sea Series" you can find a feeling of deep tranquility, strength, infinity and depth. Or maybe just a play of nice colors 🙂

I would like my paintings to return observers back to the close relationship with the Earth, with the nature that cleanses our mind, body and life. It makes everything simpler, clearer. It reminds us who we really are and our potential. It leads us into our own inner being, in connection with everything that is above us and around us, with the whole Universe.

Technically, I like to use and experiment with various media and techniques to create special effects in my paintings. Most of my artworks are based on acrylic colors.

Misha Art (own name Michaela Murin) is a modern contemporary artist, living alternately in Valencia, Spain and in Prague, Czech Republic. She has been involved in art activities since her childhood; she passed the school of artist Josef Zedník, academic painter Vladimír Hadomský, and in Spain taught her MFA Isabel López Ciriano.

Events & Exhibitions

  • September 2018 – ART Fest 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
  • August 2017 – MUVA, Peñíscola, Spain
  • August 2017 – Cuero Bell GalerĂ­a, Peñíscola, Spain
  • June 2017 – MUCBE, Centro Cultural Convent de Sant Francesc, BenicarlĂł, Spain
  • March – May 2017 – Mandragora, Vinaros, Spain



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"Misha is a young artist whose work is full of very particular poetic creativity that she manages to transmit by projecting in her paintings an atmosphere full of mystery and even spirituality.

In her abstract work, she uses acrylic paints in special way to create the characteristic effects of water that slowly penetrate into space in a really elegant way. She uses soft, harmonious tones. Colors beyond the boundaries of reality are used to broadcast emotions. The intensity of the colors of some of her artwork provokes energy, strength and courage, others are soothing. The colors are vibrant and intense, yet harmoniously processed. 

She has a very special perceptual ability that allows her to "see" and feel differently than others."

M.F.A. Isabel LĂłpez Ciriano